Friday, December 21, 2012

Procurement Manual

Typically, a company spends about 60-70% of revenues through purchasing or procurement. Obviously any savings in purchasing or procurement directly contribute to the company's bottom line i.e. profit of the company. In this situation, should it be the way to count Profit after sale and carry on the procumbent functions without following any comprehensive procumbent policy? A comprehensive procurement policy, to acquire goods and services in right quantity- in right time- in right place- with desired quality- at the optimum lowest cost, can bring non-replicated competitive edge in delivering product/service.
IPD here is to assist in succeeding through developing tailored and appropriate procurement processes combining in a Procurement Manual that will to used in ensuring continuity of supply at the best possible TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), reducing overall lead-times, maintaining quality and durability of supply of inputs, promoting innovation in supply, improving supplier's reliability and services, maintaining optimum inventory and applying many other ways related to supply and procurement.


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