Thursday, January 10, 2013

Human Resource Search

Recruitment & Selection do not just involve placing advertisement and selecting candidates from a pool of applicants. Finding right human resource to employ becomes time consuming, lengthy, costly and difficult procedure. Moreover this effort should fit into the company’s strategic plans
We do have exact set of professional expertise as well as links necessary to find right human resource for your positions considering:
1.    the specific approach depending on the type of job and organizational resources dedicated for recruitment & selection purpose, and
2.    your competitive position in the industry.
IPD is experienced, capable and efficient in searching quality HR for any competitive firm following the flow-chart as below:

Information Collection/Analysis
Employing Organization’s Profile, Job profile, skill / knowledge level required.

Designing appropriate approach for Recruitment & Selection.
Apply Recruiting Yield Pyramid (if required) - calculate the number of applicants must attract to hire the required numbers of employees

Generating pool of candidates for the jobs applying the approach designed for Recruiting.

Applying Screening Test as designed in Selection Approach 

Interviewing screened candidates before a panel of experts (consist of job specific experts, industry experts, experts in general corporate practices & behaviors).

Forward shortlisted candidates to the employing organization.

(Usually 3 (three) shortlisted candidates will be forwarded. This number may alter if desired by the employing organizations.



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