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IPD (Institute for Professional Development) combines all of the required facilities, services and expertise in single platform as virtual organization to exploit internationally renowned and recognized HRD efforts. We believe IPD can be considered as one of the best scopes of finding solutions in attracting, developing and retaining quality people’s efforts to all of the modern organizational achievements.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Ø Management Consulting, Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd., HR Project.
ñ         Project Overview: The project was dedicated to redesign the Organizational structure and the Human Resource Department of Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. by preparing a Human Resource Manual.  The terms of reference were as follows:
ü Redesigning Organizational Structure.
ü Job Analysis.
ü Preparing Job Description.
ü Re-framing Performance Appraisal System.
ü  Revising Recruitment & Selection Policy and Training & Development Policy.
ü Designing Employee Orientation Policy, Promotional Policy, Leave Policy, Transfer Policy, Termination Policy.
ü Designing Total Compensation Package by conducting salary survey, applying standard practices and following contemporary compensation setting guidelines.
ñ          Project Completion Time: 7 (seven) months.
ñ         Project Coordinator: Professor Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Mamun
ñ          Team Members:        Md. Mafuzul Huq, Maruf Hossain, Daisy Sikdar, Sanjida showkat.

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