Thursday, December 27, 2012

HR Consulting Services

A team of national and international experts in relevant fields showed interest to use coordinated efforts in analysis, diagnosis and solving multidimensional problems of Corporate Management. In such a team effort IPD has found an agreement of accommodating expertise into the corporate management problems so as to be addressed rightly. So, IPD has been found as a quality proven facilities of getting proper treatment and suggesting to our business management problems solutions. The field includes other important areas of Management Consulting Services, such as;

v  HR  Planning

v  Job Analysis and detailing Job Description.

v  HR Scorecard

v  HR Audit
o   Reveal the strengths and the weaknesses  within the organizational HR System

v  Designing compensation package

v  Employee satisfaction survey.

v  Systematic Appraisal of Performance

v  Appropriate Succession Planning
v  Preparing HR Manual.

v  Management Contract.


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