Monday, December 31, 2012


Stakeholders expectations from business enterprise have been changing since the age of globalization, information,
technology and intense competition. there are pressures from customers, employees, investors, government, community etc to bring expected changes according to their respective interest. each business has to respond in accordance with  the changing expectation with the there must be strategic decisions in corporate and business level in different functional areas to fit into the environmental changes. in doing so, successful business enterprises continuously tracking the future changes of the environment
to make important decisions for their survival. In a country like Bangladesh , business enterprises have limited resource 
base in one side, lack of expertise, experience and exposure 
to face challenges on the other side. in today's intense competition, an enterprise must have necessary access to relevant information and capability to analyze and interpret for expected results. Meaning, information search and useful interpretation for knowledge management should be focus of each business to be.

In this endeavor, Institute for Professional Development(IPD) has opened an avenue for blending of necessary resources in knowledge management. It has national and international linkages of quality expertise to identify and solve the problems of business enterprises. IPD 
is committed to help any business of the region by providing necessary support such as, problems identification and solution techniques in different functional areas of business.
these services offered in this regard are : HR solution, Branding program, management responsibility, reporting practice and financing solution. IPD ensures world class quality in all the services to be offered with the help of experience and capable management experts. It is our pleasure to welcome all the corporations of region to the IPDS effort.


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