In any business organization resource management is vital issue. Human resource is the key to manage any resource of business organization. Managing human resource is considered to be the most important aspects of sustainable economic growth. In today's turbulent and dynamic age, human resource management has become more and more difficult and challenging. it is due to problems of finding/attracting, developing and retaining quality people in the organization. The
nature of such problems varies by different situations in the countries. obviously, macro environment forces determine the nature of human resource management challenges in each country. Like any other LDC , Bangladesh economy has been experiencing poor human capital performance to her GDP. In last three decades, human resource development efforts of the country failed to find significant improvement in the indices of HRD. Productivity resource of both manufacturing and service sectors are not at all satisfactory to mean efficient management of the resource.  

The above context gives us a clear message to improve scope of developing human resource of our organization. There is no other alternative to ensure quality performance of human resource.

IPD (Institute for Professional Development) combined all of the required facilities , services and expertise in single platform as vital organization to exploit internationally renowned and recognized HRD efforts. we bellieve IPD can be considered as one of the best scopes of finding 
solutions in attracting, developing, and retaining quality peoples efforts to all of the modern organizational achievements.

Therefore IPD welcomes any organization looking for improving professional skill in achieving objective. We believe IPD has got all the supports to fulfill any visionary initiatives of modern


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