Sunday, February 24, 2013


Ø Management Consulting, Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd., HR Project.
ñ         Project Overview: The project was dedicated to redesign the Organizational structure and the Human Resource Department of Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. by preparing a Human Resource Manual.  The terms of reference were as follows:
ü Redesigning Organizational Structure.
ü Job Analysis.
ü Preparing Job Description.
ü Re-framing Performance Appraisal System.
ü  Revising Recruitment & Selection Policy and Training & Development Policy.
ü Designing Employee Orientation Policy, Promotional Policy, Leave Policy, Transfer Policy, Termination Policy.
ü Designing Total Compensation Package by conducting salary survey, applying standard practices and following contemporary compensation setting guidelines.
ñ          Project Completion Time: 7 (seven) months.
ñ         Project Coordinator: Professor Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Mamun
ñ          Team Members:        Md. Mafuzul Huq, Maruf Hossain, Daisy Sikdar, Sanjida showkat.


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