Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Ø  Workshop Organized on Maximizing Professional Efficiency.
ñ          Program Overview: The program focuses on perfecting participants’ management skills, creating a sense of who they are and a vision of the person they want to become. It helps the participants to enhance their professionalism.  Moreover, the program allows them to motivate themselves, manage their stress better, helps them with their intuitive decision making and to lead and motivate others more effectively. 
ñ         Facilitator :     Mr. Soumitra Chowdhury
ñ          Venue:            Conference Room of IPD, Chittagong.
ñ          Duration :       10 hours
ñ         Date :              May 29 & 30, 2011
ñ          Participants : Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd., Sanmar Properties Ltd.,             
                         BGMEA, Finlays, Chittagong Garments Ltd.
Ø  Outsourcing Service: Written Test- 2011- Bank Asia Ltd.
ñ          Position:  Trainee Officer and Teller
ñ         Number of participants: 800 ( eight hundred)
ñ         Type of Test: Open-ended Written Test
ñ         Subject Matter of Test: General Mathematics, General Knowledge, English Language & Communication.  
ñ         Client:     Bank Asia Ltd. ( Chittagong, Zonal Office)
Nature of Service Provided:  Complete Proposal Submitted


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